Mark I. Davies is dual qualified as a lawyer within the United States and United Kingdom, he is also the Global Managing Partner and Founder of our firm. In addition, he chairs our business and Investor Visa for our India Practice Teams. While Mark has had versatile experience with visa’s and assisting large institutions, corporations of various size, individuals, professionals and families his proactive focuses on assisting business owners and investors with their moves to the United States.

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Dynamic Solutions

Known to provide a wide range of dynamic solutions, we aim to tackle some of the most complex immigration issues so that you do not face any setbacks while obtaining visas. Not only taking care of your personal and professional interests, we are also committed to bringing families together irrespective of how complex the application process might seem.

Taking Care of Your Budget

We understand the importance of hard earned money. Our primary goal is to help our clients achieve their personal and professional objectives without having to worry about how much they are spending thanks to our comprehensive solutions which are cost effective in nature.

Consistency of Quality

We have a teamof technically astute and professionally sound ivy-league lawyers boasting over fifteen years of experience at the top level. Their specialty lies in immigration law which enables them to face challenges head on for the sake of our clients, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to preparing well documented visa applications.

Locally Adept, Universally Widespread

While dealing with immigration on a global scale, in-depth knowledge of local customs and in-country consular practices is a foregone conclusion. This is where having a well-balanced team of professional lawyers helps as these lawyers are not only experienced, but even hold licenses to practice law across various international jurisdictions.

100 % Success Rate

We take pride in the fact that we have achieved a 100% success rate which is unparalleled in the immigration sector having never had a green card or a visa application denied. We have a flawless track record when it comes to removal and deportation defense cases.

Our firm's policy is never to refuse immigration services based on an individual's inability to pay for them. We offer free and reduced fee services for clients on low incomes.

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7 Days a Week Customer Service

We understand that our clients need assistance outside office hours as well because issues may present themselves unannounced. This is why our team prioritizes the aspect of customer service making sure that theyare available at your disposal seven days a week.

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Our Team

Mark I. Davies, Esq.

Global Managing Partner and Founder Chair for Global Business and Investor Visa Team

+1 (646) 201-5512

Matt Merrick, Esq.

Head of Family Visa Practice Team

(877) 960-3285

Abhinav Lohia, Esq.

Chair for India & Southeast Asia Practice Deputy Managing Attorney, Chicago Office

+1 (646) 201-9547

Rebecca M. Bodony, Esq.

Chair of the Australia & New Zealand Practice Managing Attorney, Chicago Office

+1 (312) 803-6950

Parkins Burger, Esq.

Partner and Chair of the Firm's MENA practice Chair of the Dubai and Cairo

+1 (646) 249-8489

Nathaniel Howard, Esq.

Immigration Associate New York, NY

+1 (347) 416-4818

Gary Kaufman , Esq.

Global Corporate Tax Counsel New York, NY

+1 (212) 572-8341

Verdie J. Atienza, Esq.

Immigration Associate New York, NY

+1 (646) 216-8864

Julie Halverson

Senior Immigration Paralegal

+1 (312) 803-6950

Vaishali Chaudhuri

Senior Immigration Paralegal

+1 (646) 546-5756

Neena Singh

Director Client Services

+91 9599299322

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