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Exceptional Immigration Lawyers

We have been described as "one of the best immigration law firms in the world". We exclusively practice immigration law and our experienced lawyers rank amongst the best immigration lawyers in the markets they serve.

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For the Indian investor the fastest and most secure way to Permanent Residency in the United States (otherwise known as a “Green Card”) can be by investing in a project offered by an experienced Regional Center. Obtaining an EB5-based “green card” is a complex process that requires the assistance of an experienced EB-5 lawyer. Finding an experienced EB-5 lawyer is difficult because EB-5 lawyers offer varied services and charge different fees. Understanding the difference between the varied services offered by different EB-5 lawyers is key to finding the right representation, and consequently, a successful EB-5 application.
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7 Days a Week Customer Service

We understand that our clients need assistance outside office hours as well because issues may present themselves unannounced. This is why our team prioritizes the aspect of customer service making sure that theyare available at your disposal seven days a week.

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  • I was qualified as a physician in a foreign country. Being on a J-1 visa I was facing having to leave the United States and return to my home country. Davies & Associates secured one of only 30 J-1 visa waivers available in my State, allowing me to work for a US hospital and remain in the United States."

    - Doctor Seeking J-1 Visa Waiver
  • I highly recommend Davies & Associates LLC Mark Davies is a joy to work with. His extensive knowledge, speedy response and attentive service took away all my fears of dealing with immigration and visa applications. He is very generous with his time in explaining every step along the way and I have already and will in the future recommend him to anybody who is looking for an immigration lawyer."

    - E2 Visa Applicant and Business Owner
  • I am very satisfied with the services Mark Davies has provided me. He has a very extensive knowledge in immigration laws and has a thorough approach to any case."

    U Visa Applicant, A Victim of Crime
  • My exisiting immigration lawyer, who has a global reputation in immigration law, told me that "it couldn't be done". Someone suggested I speak to Davies & Associates and they obtained the immigration benefits I wanted. I will always use this firm in the future, they are miracle workers."

    - Small Business Owner and E-2 Visa Applicant